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J (27) Another Camel Depot.JPG
J (28) Tombs in the Streets of Facades.JPG
J (29) Petra was lost for 500 years & rediscovered in 1812.JPG
J (30)The Theatre - finally extended to hold 7000.JPG
J (31) Theatre.JPG
J (32) Some Interesting Shops.JPG
J (33) Bedouins.JPG
J (34) Souvenirs.JPG
J (36) Donkey.JPG
J (37) Donkeys.JPG
J (38) The Royal Tombs.JPG
J (39) The Royal Tombs.JPG
J (40) The Largest of the Royal Tombs - carved around 70 AD.JPG
J (41) The Colonnaded Street.JPG
J (41a) Young Bedouin Girls selling Rides.JPG
J (42) Camel Station at end of Street.JPG
J (42a) Crowne Plaza Restaurant.JPG
J (43) Fascinating Formations Everywhere.JPG
J (44) Bizarre Rock Formations Carved by Wind & Water.JPG
J (45) Close-Up Details.JPG
J (46) Bedouin Resting.JPG
J (47) Starting Back.JPG
J (48) Last View of the Captivating Treasury.JPG
J (49) Back through the Sig - leaving the 8th wonder of the ancient world.JPG
J (50) The Elephant Rocks.JPG
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