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J (0) Ferry Across Gulf of Aqaba to Jordan.JPG
J (2) The Kingdom of Jordan - Driving Towards Petra.JPG
J (3) Visitors Centre at Entrance to Petra.JPG
J (4) Garments for Sale.JPG
J (5) Start of the Mile-long Walk to The Lost City of Petra.JPG
J (6) Tombs Along the Way.JPG
J (7) Carved Monuments Fuse Classical, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Nabataeaum Styles.JPG
J (8) A Mile to Petra by foot or carriage.JPG
J (9) One Method of covering the distance.JPG
J (10) Obelisk Tomb shows Egyptian Influence & below Bab as-Siq Traclinium.JPG
J (11) Horse-drawn Carriages are plentiful in the Siq.JPG
J (12) Eroded Sandstone & Water Channels in the Siq.JPG
J (12a) Our Guide in Jordan, Zuhair, getting us ready for Petra.JPG
J (13) The Sig - a long, deep, narrow gorge flanked by 150 metre high cliffs.JPG
J (14) Bedouin Selling Tapes, CDs & Guide Books.JPG
J (15) Settled over 2000 years ago by the Nabateans an ancient Arab tribe.JPG
J (16) First Sighting of The Treasury - beautiful Nabataean Architecture - possibly a Temple.JPG
J (17) The Treasury - more likely the tomb of a Nabatean King 1st C BC.JPG
J (18) A Busy Open Space in front of the Treasury.JPG
J (20) Here's Looking at YOU.JPG
J (22) Bedouin Policeman.JPG
J (23) Open Space in Front of the Treasury - Commerce Taking Place.JPG
J (24) Through the Outer Sig to Explore More of the Rose-Red City.JPG
J (25) Tombs in the Outer Sig.JPG
J (26) Petra was located on the Trade Route Linking China & India to the Mediterranean.JPG
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