ECJ Israel (image 26 through 50 of 258)
I (26) Altar at the New Church.JPG
I (28) Thou art Peter & upon this rock I will build my church.JPG
I (29) Ancient synagogue at Capernaum.JPG
I (30) On the road to Kursi on the east shore of the Sea of Galilee in the Golan Heights.JPG
I (31) Kursi National Park in the Golan Heights. Ruins of a 5th C Byzantine monastery.JPG
I (32) Ruins of a 5th C Byzantine monastery at Kursi.JPG
I (33) Different types of palm trees.JPG
I (34) A glimpse of the River Jordan.JPG
I (35) View from Mount Tabor.JPG
I (36)Mount Tabor - 13th C walls along the walk to the church.JPG
I (37) Mount Tabor - Church of the Transfiguration.JPG
I (38) Interior view - the Nave - Ch of Transfiguration.JPG
I (39) Interior view -Ch of Transfiguration.JPG
I (40) High wall mosaic - Ch of Transfiguration.JPG
I (41) Fresco in chapel dedicated to Moses with stone tablets from Mt Sinai - Ch of Transfiguration.JPG
I (42) Chapel in Church of Transfiguration.JPG
I (43) Mount Tabor.JPG
I (44) Coming into Nazareth which is two thirds Muslim. Yikes!.JPG
I (45) Pomegranites, mangos, etc.JPG
I (46) Nazareth. Basilica of the Annunciation - largest church in the Middle East.JPG
I (47) Masssive doors in bronze relief lead to lower church.JPG
I (48) Grotto in the lower church where Angel Gabriel told Mary she would bear a son & call him Jesus.JPG
I (49) Upper church - contemporary mosaics of Madonna & Child from many nations (Mexico).JPG
I (50) Upper church - contemporary mosaics of Madonna & Child from many nations (Japan).JPG
I (51) Hedge of poinsettias in courtyard of Basilica.JPG
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