Henry Moor (image 1 through 24 of 24)
P1030269 Oval with Points.jpg
P1030272 Knife Edge Two Pieces.jpg
P1030273 Knife Edge Two pieces.jpg
P1030281 Reclining Mother & Child.jpg
P1030283 Reclining Mother & Child.jpg
P1030286 Reclining Figure - Arch Leg.jpg
P1030287 Large Reclining Figure.jpg
P1030288 Large Reclining Figure.jpg
P1030289 Upright Motive No. 5 & No. 8.jpg
P1030291 Uprigth Motive No. 7.jpg
P1030292 Three Piece Reclining Figure - Draped.jpg
P1030294 Three piece Reclining Figure - Draped.jpg
P1030295 Large Reclining Figure.jpg
P1030296 Large reclining Figure.jpg
P1030298 Draped Reclining Mother and Baby.jpg
P1030299 Rock Garden.jpg
P1030300 Rock Garden.jpg
P1030302 Seated Woman.jpg
P1030304 Locking Piece.jpg
P1030305 Knife Edge Two Pieces.jpg
P1030306 Hill Arches.jpg
P1030309 Goslar Warior.jpg
P1030310 Here's Looking at Henry Moore!.jpg
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