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E (64) Closeby bazaar.JPG
E (65) Closeby bazaar.JPG
E (69) Street in Giza.JPG
E (70) The Mena House Hotel & Casino 5 Star - built 1869 for opening of Suez Canal.JPG
E (71) Lobby.JPG
E (72) Dining Room.JPG
E (73) Bar.JPG
E (75) Minaret on Pyramids Street, Giza.JPG
E (76) Merit Center El Bazaar-high end gift & souvenir shop, Pyramids Street, Giza.JPG
E (78) Egyptian Charms.JPG
E (79) Precious items to buy.JPG
E (83) The Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo - built 1902.JPG
E (84) Young Muslim Girls on the Citadel.JPG
E (85) Mohammed Ali Mosque 1830 crowned the Citadel.JPG
E (86) Inner Courtyard.JPG
E (90) Beautifully painted dome.JPG
E (92) A main streeet in Old Cairo.JPG
E (95) A main street in Old Cairo.JPG
E (97) A main street in Old Cairo.JPG
E (100) Several ancient Christian churches & monestaries are in this area.JPG
E (102) Entering Coptic Hanging Church (Church of el-Muallaqa).JPG
E (103) 29 Steps leading into most famous Christian Coptic Church in Cairo.JPG
E (104) Interior view of haikal screen-ebony inlaid with ivory 12-13C.JPG
E (107) Looking back at entrance way.JPG
E (108) Mosaics in entranceway tell a story.JPG
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