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E (2) Arriving Cairo Airport.JPG
E (4) Across the Nile from Ramses Hilton.JPG
E (5) Cairo Tower (182 m) on an island in the Nile.JPG
E (6) Grand Hyatt Hotel - Cairo.JPG
E (14) Bazaar at Memphis Museum grounds.JPG
E (15) Treasures on Grounds of Memphis Museum.JPG
E (19) Huge (10 m long) Reclining Statue of Ramses II.JPG
E (21) Head of Ramses II.JPG
E (25) Street scene not far from Giza.JPG
E (26) Saqqara.JPG
E (28) Step Pyramid Minders.JPG
E (30) The Step Pyramid - built more than 4500 years ago.JPG
E (32) Saqqara - camel rides available.JPG
E (33) Saqqara - Ancient ruins.JPG
E (34) Saqqara - Repairing Step Pyramid.JPG
E (36) Near to Giza.JPG
E (40) Near to Giza.JPG
E (44) Camels await riders.JPG
E (48) Ready to travel to base of the Great Pyramid.JPG
E (49) Pyramid of Chephren - Great Pyramid of Cheops.JPG
E (51) Caravan! Three small Pyramids of the Queens, Py. of Mycerinus, Py. of Chephren.JPG
E (53) Great Pyramid of Cheops - peak is 137 m high.JPG
E (54) Activity at the Top.JPG
E (56) The Sphinx & Cheops.JPG
E (63) The Sphinx - The head of Cheops 20 m high & a lion's body 73 m long.JPG
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