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CT (1) Restaurant at Ramses Hilton, Cairo.JPG
CT (1a) Breakfast.JPG
CT (1b) Breakfast.JPG
CT (2) A Breakfast Chef.JPG
CT (3) Towel Art.JPG
CT (4) Our Camels Await.JPG
CT (5) Anne Looks Like a Pro!.JPG
CT (6) Marilyn H. is Well Seated.JPG
CT (7) Marilyn T. Getting Instructions.JPG
CT (8) Margaret H. On Board.JPG
CT (9) Gail Ready to Go, Gordon Playing Cowboy.JPG
CT (10) The Group Assembles.JPG
CT (11) On the Way.JPG
CT (12) Caravan!.JPG
CT (13) Nearing the Top.JPG
CT (15) Mena House Hotel Dining Room.JPG
CT (16) Lunch at the Mena House Hotel.JPG
CT (17) Dessert Plate.JPG
CT (18) ECJ, Gail, Susan W. Visiting the Mohammed Ali Mosque,Citadel, Cairo.JPG
CT (19) Vince Looks on while Natalie Negotiates a Headdress on the Street in Old Cairo.JPG
CT (20) Our Bus Driver in Cairo.JPG
CT (21) Boarding Our Private Plane to Fly from Cairo to Luxor.JPG
CT (22) The Royal Viking - for four nights.JPG
CT (23) The Crew of the Royal Viking.JPG
CT (24) A Public Room.JPG
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