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(24) Joy receives a toast & a gift from the group from Eleanor.JPG
(25) Joy gets a hug from John.JPG
(26) The Main Course.JPG
(27) Nitin Joins the head table.JPG
(28) Joy enjoys the moment!.JPG
(29) ...& there is music!.JPG
(30) Headed for a sail on a Wildlife Preserve.JPG
(31) Kirsty goes shopping.JPG
(32) Lorraine & Marie at a rest stop near Madurai (2).JPG
(33) Returning to bus after a rest stop near Madurai.JPG
(34) Group Photo at The Spice Garden RS.JPG
(35) Nancy photographing Palace in Madurai.JPG
(36) Cycle Rickshaw Ride with Susan.JPG
(37) Two Dancing Girls.JPG
(38) Les Girls resting after touring a Museum.JPG
(39) Heritage Resort Welcome enjoyed by Susan & Rob.JPG
(40) Sharon & ECJ with spots & flowers at Heritage Resort.JPG
(41) Breakfast at the Heritage Resort.JPG
(42) Nitin & our guide in Tanjore.JPG
(43) Our Bus Driver, his Helper, Ray & Eleanor, Nitin - Near Pondicherry.JPG
(44) Rickshaw Ride in Pondicherry.JPG
(45) Joy & ECJ.JPG
(46) Our Local Guide in Pondicherry.JPG
(47) Lunch at Radisson Temple Bay Resort.JPG
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