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P1030498 Welcome!.JPG
P1030500 Entrance to Malindi.JPG
P1030501 Boat Bay for The Seawind.JPG
P1030502 Malindi.JPG
P1030504 Ella & Tiggy.JPG
P1030504 Pool.JPG
P1030505 Beach Area.JPG
P1030506 Dining & Living Areas.JPG
P1030508 Marle in Kitchen.JPG
P1030509 This Door Leads to ....JPG
P1030510 ..This!.JPG
P1030511 View from My Window.JPG
P1030621 East End of Grand Cayman.JPG
P1030622 Colliers Bay - looking south.JPG
P1030631 ... looking north.JPG
P1030632 Hibiscus.JPG
P1030653 George Town.JPG
P1030657 Small Mall.JPG
P1030661 The Queen.JPG
P1030662 Painting on Mall Wall.JPG
P1030663 Another Painting.JPG
P1030667 Panama Hats in Cigar Store.JPG
P1030668 Coffee Bar in Cigar Store.JPG
P1030669 Side Street.JPG
P1030670 KFC!.JPG
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